T-Shirts and More

Our t-shirts and hoodies and sweatshirts are Hanes Beefy T’s, or equivalent. They display the ROC’s Firehouse Grille logo on the front and “KEEP BACK 200 FEET” on the back.

Trivia Note #2: Ever see the signs on the back of fire engines that say “KEEP BACK 300 FEET”. In CA, our Vehicle Code says all vehicles must keep back 300 feet from fire engines responding to emergency calls. In Manhattan, N.Y., their vehicle code
says it’s “200 FEET”. In honor of my F.D.N.Y. brethren we’ve decided to put “KEEP BACK 200 FEET” on the back of our t-shirts. God Bless the 343, my lost brothers of F.D.N.Y on 09-11-2001. They died….. just by doing what they do.

Ladies T’s – $21

Ladies T’s come in Various Sizes.
Ask your server for size availability.

Short Sleeve T’s – $15

  • Red Only. Ask your server for size availability.
  • XXL & XXXL $18

Long Sleeve T’s – $22

  • Our black T-shirts with flamed sleeves. Available in adult sizes only.
  • XXL & XXXL $26

American Pride – $22

  • It’s our special edition white long sleeved t-shirt with red, white and blue flamed sleeves.
  • XXL & XXXL $26

A tiny note at the bottom of the left sleeve honors the innocent victims of 09-11-2001

Coffee Mug – $8

A Mug, for Coffee.