About Us – A true story

Firefighters Jacket and HelmetIn the late 1970’s, one young teenager got a job in a busy restaurant in Huntington Beach California. He worked in many capacities at the restaurant, but his love was cooking. In the years he worked there, he learned to love the business of serving the public. Little did he know, but his stint at the restaurant was just a way to put himself through the Fire Academy, where he learned to serve the public in a different way.

He graduated from the Academy in 1983 and was hired on with the Palm Springs (CA) Fire Department in 1984 and was quickly assigned to kitchen detail. Using his kitchen skills he learned in the restaurant, he immediately gained the trust of even the saltiest of veterans (at least as far as meals were concerned). Knowing that his love for the restaurant business still lingered, he kept his dreams alive by “knowing” one day he would own a restaurant.

The opportunity came to life one day while floating in the pool sipping a margarita with his girlfriend Jayme. While the firefighter and Jayme floated, they shared common dreams of owning their own restaurants. In fact, the two met in a great little restaurant as Jayme served the fireman and his friends some good food and cold beers. They quickly discovered that they would make a great team in business as well as life.

Jayme spent most of her adult life in a restaurant, both fine dining and great little local hangouts, learning all about serving the public. She’s worked as a server, bartender, bookkeeper, and general manager. Basically every job but the kitchen, that’s the fireman’s duty. You’ve probably guessed by now that’s she’s the brains of this place. Whatever her role was, she quickly gathered a following of regulars who came back time and again for great service and a happy face.

After discussing goals and dreams, the couple felt confident that they could fill hungry bellies full of good “firehouse” type food and they purchased a vacant restaurant in June of 2001. They (and lot’s of their friends) built a new kitchen and remodeled the place all summer and opened their doors six month’s later. Well, here we are.

Roc's Firehouse Grille
We only use the freshest quality ingredients in our food and take great pride in providing you with “Firehouse-style comfort food”ROC
As you look around the restaurant, you’ll see many rare and interesting “Firetiques”. The majority of the items are authentic, having been used by real Firefighters. Some items are from the 1800’s. Displaying the true Brotherhood of Firefighters, many of the expensive and rare Firetiques were generously donated for display by fellow firefighters, just to “help a Brother out”. Ask Jayme or the fireman about any of the Firetiques, and you’ll be sure to get a good story behind each piece.

There’s hardly a day that goes by when you won’t see either (usually both) Jayme or her favorite fireman working at the restaurant. The items on the menu are best described as excellent yet inexpensive, casual, abundant and “fireman friendly”. You see, firemen love lots of good food that they don’t have to pay a lot for. Too many meals have been left on the kitchen table while the firemen answered emergency calls, so the cheaper the better.

Many items are tried and true favorites of the fire station. All of our soups, sauces and dressings are homemade. We only use the freshest quality ingredients in our food and take great pride in providing you with “Firehouse-style comfort food” right down to the hand formed crab cakes to hot pastrami sandwiches and fresh Crème Brule.

Don’t hesitate to bring the kids either. We’re a family friendly place with a kids menu that they’re sure to find something they like. You may even notice some Firemen and Policemen enjoying lunch or dinner, many times interrupted by emergency calls. By the way, my name is R.O.C., short for Roland Otto Cook. I’m the lucky fireman with Jayme as my girl and partner.

Enjoy and have fun.